Who Should Help Me With Writing My Essays?

The amount of time you spend doing various jobs, schoolwork and other extracurricular activities is pretty insane as a college or even high school student. Many students rarely get to enjoy this luxury known as “free-time”, in which we enjoy fulfilling our desires after completing our work…. or before starting an all-nighter essay. Unfortunately, with the hectic lives that they live, many students can’t seem to find open windows of time to knock out high level academic essays, purely because of the length of time that the actual essay takes. If we were to approach this from a realistic point of view, then we would see why so many students ask either someone such as an intelligent peer or essay writing company to complete the task for the student, obviously in exchange for a certain amount of money.

Ordering an Essay From a Classmate

Let’s talk about the old-fashioned style of cash-for-paper work. Back in the day and even still sometimes nowadays, students would pay other classmates to write their essays for them. As a journalism major this was one of my most common requests in college, as I would be asked the famous question “Yo dude, can you help me write my essay?” Just like there are two sides to every coin, there are pro’s and con’s to peer requests.

Pros and Cons

Some of the pluses include possibly finding a peer that is in need of some money and would happily do the work for cheap, or finding a bookworm and introducing him to the wonderful world of females by setting him up with a date or taking him to a club. However, we have to be wary of the many possible cons that do come from such unreliable sources. Just because a peer of yours said that he could write your essay, doesn’t mean he will hold true to his word. We don’t live in a perfect world, and the chances of something going wrong such as an emergency or even the peer being lazy can screw over the order for our customer, leaving him with the feeling of betrayal as well as an F on his assignment.

Using Professional Services to Write Your Essays

Thanks to the invention of the internet and the creation of search engines such as the renowned Google, students can now type in: Write My College Essay and be overwhelmed with the amount of essay writing services that exist online. Nowadays, you can visit a site that not only gives you a fair price on your essay, but is also reliable, punctual and can write any custom essay you could even imagine; that’s how good they are!

Not All of Them Are Good

Truthfully, many of these sites have numerous cons: terrible writers, lackluster punctuality, awful customer service and even fake sites that take your money without providing the service! Aside from those, many Essay Writing Services are usually fair and reasonable, giving the customer satisfactory work for a good price! So the next time you’re thinking about something like: “I wonder who could write my essay right now?”, make sure to check out reliable essay writing services to do this long and boring job for you, while also not emptying out your bank account!