The type of writing an Argumentative research paperneeds a student to study the point he or she wants to present in depth. It requires him or her to look at the loopholes  in previous research documents published and then take a stand on the topic. The reason for writing this document is to explain your stand on the topic of your choice.

In order to drive home your point, the document should be factual and persuasive.

The following tips will be helpful to you:

Find a good and an interesting topic.  Do not use emotions when writing the document. Instead depend on facts and logic to support your arguments. Make a list of points you could use as evidence for your topic.

Consider both sides of your topic (the positive and the negative):  You should explain all facets of the topic with a brief description on each facet.

Do not sit on the fence, but take a decisive stand on the topic. Also remember to research any points which can be used to counter your point of view.

Gather evidence:  Face to face arguments can become emotional.  Act of arguing needs a proof to support your claim.  You have to provide evidence to the best side.

Writing stage:  It should contain three main parts, introduction, body and conclusion.

In the first paragraph explain in brief your selected topic with some background information and a thesis statement.

The body of the research paper should contain detail about the two sides of the topic.

State the strongest points of the counter side of your issue and present your points one by one.

Present your own views and thoughts with evidences and show why your point is correct.

Always explain all the facets of your topic in your document. Then explain to the person reading the document your stand and the facts to support your stand.

Always mention the reasoning behind your arguments. Additionally include information which will keep the reader interested in your document.

You should focus on writing documents which provides clarity on the topic and keeps the readers interested till the end.

Sometimes the topic requires a lengthy document. In such cases, ensure that you include a short write up at the beginning of the paper, which includes consolidated information on all the topics and arguments being covered.

The tone of the article plays a very important part. Since you are taking a stand and trying to support it with facts, you need to sound like a researcher and not as a normal writer. Always ask your professor or academic peers for help on this matter.

Conclusion should not be similar to the introduction. In your conclusion mention why the person reading should consider the points presented by you. Conclusion determines the reader’s final impression of your paper.  Don’t leave the readers with the impression that your argument was vague or unsure.